Transit Data Tools

There's no easier way to explore and start using GTFS data.


Manage transit data from the ground up

We've leveraged our expertise in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format into a suite of tools that help agencies across the globe create, upload and validate GTFS feeds. Originally developed as separate applications (GTFS editor and GTFS data manager), our updated platform combines these tools into a robust and streamlined application designed to handle nearly any data or administrative workflow.


Quick and easy GTFS editing

Our Editor tool allows users to create and edit GTFS transit data, the format used by thousands of cities and transport operators around the globe. GTFS data powers the majority of trip planners (e.g., Google Maps) as well as Conveyal Analysis, our advanced transit scenario planning tool. With Data Tools, you can manage multiple versions of one or many GTFS feeds, find potential data errors, and deploy feeds directly to OpenTripPlanner packaged with the latest extract of OpenStreetMap.


Create GTFS data from scratch without any data headaches. Bring your own data or build it from the ground up


Every GTFS feed loaded into the application is archived and validated. Easily revert back to any version or snapshot


Easily edit GTFS feeds uploaded from your desktop or fetched from an agency website


Quickly draw complex route patterns that automatically snap to streets (or draw freehand for non-street modes)

A GTFS Command Center

Data Tools enables point-and-click command of OpenTripPlanner servers and complex multi-user data workflows. Users can administer test and production server environments to keep trip planner services in sync with the latest data updates and test how new service appears in a live trip planner. External data providers can share, validate and test GTFS changes.


Deploy multiple GTFS feeds and OSM data to our cloud-hosted OpenTripPlanner servers with the click of a button


Receive email and web notifications when a new feed is fetched, an OTP deployment finishes, or a team member publishes a new dataset


Discuss and preserve comments about specific datasets (e.g., seasonal markups or special service schedules)


Perform a complete validation check on every GTFS feed loaded into your project

Improve regional coordination

Conveyal's Data Tools are ideal for regional agencies or governments that work with agencies that come in many shapes and sizes. Below is just a handful of the benefits for regional coordination that the application offers:


Create and manage multi-agency GTFS feeds (or multiple, single-agency GTFS feeds)

Host your data

Publish an entire region's feeds for third-party data consumers (e.g., app developers)

Real-time passenger info

Integrate schedule data with realtime data (GTFS-realtime) in OpenTripPlanner to deliver up-to-date itineraries to your passengers

Check nightly

Stay in the loop with email notifications when our daily automated GTFS sweep finds updates across your region


Manage fine-grained permissions for multiple agency users to ensure organizations maintain their own data


Drill down into your data to see how service varies from AM to PM peaks and from day to day


Get a dashboard view of when feeds expire to stay ahead of any service changes

Histograms showing trips per hour for routes in the MTA New York City Subways GTFS feed.

Histograms showing trips per hour for routes in the MTA New York City Subways GTFS feed.

Quality Control Measures

Visualize daily service across an entire GTFS feed with Data Tools' enhanced quality control views. These views provide multiple ways for agencies to inspect their schedule data to ensure they match operations.

From our robust validation suite to our simple yet informative histograms, we aim to put your route and schedule data in plain view. And if you find an error lurking in the data, a quick jump into the Editor will make short work of the repair process.

The  511NY  website, which uses Data Tools to consolidate, validate, and deploy GTFS feeds from across the entire state to cloud-hosted machines running OpenTripPlanner.

The 511NY website, which uses Data Tools to consolidate, validate, and deploy GTFS feeds from across the entire state to cloud-hosted machines running OpenTripPlanner.

Customer Profile: NYSDOT

The New York State DOT (NYSDOT) has been using Data Tools to create, manage, and deploy dozens of GTFS feeds for the entire state of New York since 2014. The agency collects and validates GTFS from larger agencies, e.g., MTA New York City Transit and Centro, and helps smaller agencies construct their data using the Editor. Ultimately, Data Tools enables NYSDOT to efficiently maintain and feed this data into the OpenTripPlanner instances running behind the 511 New York website, which helps travelers across the state plan their commutes and understand their travel options.


We offer access to our cloud-hosted Data Tools for agencies of all sizes. Contact us to get a quote, hear what we're working on next, or consult with us on custom features you need for your unique workflow.